As a business owner, your main goal is the satisfaction of your customers, and you have established your entire business on this principle. You return calls, hire responsible and reliable employees, arrive on time for your appointments and try to offer the best quality service. Though your business is fair and principled, it is not the same for every company in your field. Some cheat their clients and skip corners for short-term profit.

In the field of SEO (search engine optimization), all these types of tactics are called as black-hat SEO. A black-hat SEO is nothing but a quick fix, offering a temporary ranking boost for your company which will come down as soon as the contract ends. These techniques can get your website banned or penalized by the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Recently Google is cracking down harder than before on these techniques of SEO, which is improving the ranking algorithms of search results to make it difficult for low-quality and spammy websites to rank top. Search engines are involved in non-stop battle against such spams and companies that use these techniques to gain top rankings can expect to pay the price since algorithms of search become intelligent.

You must have invested a lot of money into your website to get penalized for the actions of an unreliable SEO company. To protect your site from the consequence of black-hat SEO techniques, it is important to choose legitimate, white-hat Atlanta SEO company to handle all your internet marketing needs. If you ask how to know which company to trust when it comes to your website, firstly, a reliable company will show a commitment to quality. You should only hire someone that will offer quality, unique content that top search engines consider. If your SEO consultant or company is not showing you what they are creating on your behalf, you will not be able to know if they are keeping up with their promises in this matter. A reliable company will show you everything they have created for your website.