Piezoelectric Ceramic Material Can Have Wide Applications

Piezoelectric materials can produce wide range of frequencies which can suit different kinds of applications. These materials are comparatively new in the world of electronics and therefore many engineers are still trying to learn different aspects of piezoelectric effects.

If piezoelectric ceramics and other piezoelectric elements are combined then it can be used for improvement of designing of many different components. This material was discovered during 1880 and it was mainly used for generating certain electrical charges by giving different kinds of forces. Later it was found that it produces certain electrical oscillations too and thus they were used for generating an accurate clock frequency. It was also used for radio transmitter.

During world war II period, quartz crystals were developed but due to its fragile nature it could not be produced in mass scale.

During fifties, ultrasonic transducers were made by using piezoelectric material that was used as a fish finder. In many applications of piezoelectric ceramic, it was used a special kind of filter that was used mainly for AM radios. These bandpass filters were later replaced when FM radios became popular.     Read More